Tools such as instant messaging, email and using the Internet are crucial to most businesses but the problem is that they are also vulnerable to spam, phishing and viruses. No organization is immune to this and you need to have systems in place to avert disasters that could put you out of business. How would you cope in the event that your business suffered lost productivity or data and had to deal with the possibility of lawsuits or penalties if data was lost or made public?

IQ Technology Solutions Solutions uses a layered approach to manage threats. We have the tools, experience and knowledge needed to deploy, monitor and manage security solutions that are recognized as industry best-practice defense measure for today’s threats. Security isn’t something you can implement once and forget about; it needs continual updating, monitoring and maintenance. These tools, coupled with employee training, data protection and internal threat analysis will give your organization the best options available today to reduce the chance of data loss, hacks and data theft.

It’s time to get proactive about safeguarding your business's security with a comprehensive, tailor made plan that encompasses a complete information security solution. Let IQ Technology Solutions help you with that.

Security solutions from IQ Technology Solutions include:

  • Email protection
  • Web filtering
  • Managed firewall
  • Intrusion protection
  • Wireless information security
  • Vulnerability Analysis

Let IQ Technology Solutions help you stay safe in the face of potential threats.
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