Reactive Service and Support

Like many small businesses, you might find that you don’t need a great deal of IT support. The problem is though, that when you do need it, you need it right now! The next problem is that right now is not normally the best time to find a quality IT service provider. Get ahead of the game by lining up your technology support team before disaster strikes.

Our fixed monthly fee model provides predictable budgeting for helpdesk support and resolution of issues that threaten your technology investment.

We only know one way to provide reactive support services. Through our Managed Services plan any reactive support is included in our fixed monthly fee. Because we deploy the monitoring and management tools we can respond quicker and solve problems faster. Additionally our managed service approach drives down reactive support needs as our proactive approach increase your systems reliability and improved performance and productivity. Mobile workers, field offices and Cloud services can all be supported from our Nevada operations center

Don’t wait for disaster to strike - contact us today
and you’ll have us on hand to provide assistance in an emergency.

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