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Technology Flood Prep

Back in June I was at the Reno Fly Shop picking up materials for a long summer of fly tying and preparing for the opener of the Pyramid Lake fishing season. Anytime I am down there I find myself meeting and talking with new people and this visit was no exception.

2017 Prognostications

The New Year promises to bring political change, a quickly growing and diversifying local economy and continued advances in technology. For anyone involved in growing a business in this environment I suggest that you hang on and hang in there.

It is always fun to prognosticate on the year ahead, and I usually focus my New Year column on upcoming technology advancements and how they might impact your business.

Too Many Gift Cards?

The holiday season brings tidings of joy, visits from in-laws and too many gift cards to keep track of. Seemingly every Christmas I find myself with a new set of gift cards to various department stores while cards I received the year prior still have unused balances, if I’m lucky enough to remember where they are.

A Gift for Nevada

Northern Nevada is about to get a great gift all wrapped up in red shiny metal sitting inside a citadel on a plot of land at the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center.

For anyone that has been paying attention to the developments out at the TRI Center, it would be no surprise that another world class operation is opening its doors at one of the world’s the largest industrial centers, currently home to companies like Tesla, Ebay and Zulily.

Unsupported Software Risks

Your parents probably told you to take a risk from time to time. Maybe you risked moving across the country with no job lined up just for a change of pace. Perhaps you took a job that you had no experience in but it was worth it to take the chance. Whether to take that risk or not will be a question that arises many times through the course of business, but one thing you shouldn’t gamble with is technology, and for the purposes of this column, unsupported software.

Browser Security Tips

The holiday online shopping activity is at full bore so I thought it might be a good time to remind everyone about online security, and specifically on how to protect your personal credentials as you use multiple devices.

Have you ever logged into your home computer and noticed the search history from your phone was also showing up in your home browser? More and more, online resources like Google and Microsoft are requiring you to have an account to provide a synchronous user experience across your devices.

Technology Gift Ideas

I am a big advocate of giving the gift of technology during this holiday season and this year the choices are endless. So rather than making a list of items to consider I thought I would focus in on one category that everyone has or needs, the computer and accessories.

Mail & Productivity Tools

I don’t know many folks today that run their business without a computer, those that can, we applaud you. For those of us that rely on them every day, we can all relate to email and productivity tools as one of the key functions that is required to do business.

Conferences and Events

Spending time at an industry conference is always a good way to focus on your business by meeting people that share the same challenges and by learning about best practices and technologies that you can leverage. To take full advantage of these types of opportunities a little preparation and strategy will insure that your time spent is successful.

Sorting Fact from Fiction

Being the first to report breaking news has always been a driving force in media outlets. The quicker one agency can break a story ahead of another is the difference between having the majority of the population’s eyes or just a subset. The more attention you can bring garners more advertisers and revenue.