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Internal Security Campaigns

Cybercrime has quickly become one of the most discussed and worrisome threats to the corporate world. Information Technology professionals spend countless hours patching, updating and closing any backdoors into their employer’s networks. Common preventative steps include using complex passwords, two-factor authentication and strict user permissions to curtail unwanted access to files and folders.

Diversification Driving Employment Opportunities

It seems like our local economic development team, EDAWN, is making 1 or 2 monthly announcements about a new company coming to the region. This is driving rapid employment growth and is negatively impacting some of businesses that we work with, both in finding workers from a shrinking pool and from losing employees lured by the promise of new opportunities.

Cloud Myths

Twice in the last two weeks I have conversations with business owner who are adamant about not doing any business in the cloud. The reasons people don’t want to do any computing in the cloud varies, but some things that seem to be common among most cloud detractors are data ownership and the businesses’ ability to control security.

IQ Technologies named to CRN MSP 500

IQ Technology Solutions, Nevada’s most recognized managed IT services provider, has been distinguished with an award from CRN, a brand of The Channel Company. IQ Technology Solutions has been named to the Managed Service Provider 500 list in the Tech Elite 250 category, which recognizes IQ Technology Solutions’ innovative client services and vanguard practices as one of the top 250 Managed Service Providers in the nation.

Another Malicious Cyber Attack

Once again, computers around the world have been compromised by a malware threat that blocks access to data with the promise of resolution if you pay a ransom via an untraceable financial transaction using the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

This attack is unique in many ways including the fact that the underlying code was allegedly developed by and stolen from the National Security Agency (NSA), as was publicly reported earlier this year.

Is Joining a Peer Group Right for You?

Early last year, somewhat reluctantly, I joined an industry specific peer group at the behest of our organization’s President. The decision to do so stemmed from ongoing analysis of our business and the ability to properly scale as the company grows. Surely similar organizations are dealing with the same challenges we find.

Business Transitions

Running a business is really hard, but there are some aspects of business success that trip up even the most adept entrepreneurs. The best business owners and managers consistently execute on sales, operations and finance but often fail to consider important things like goals, business transition and exit planning.

Modern Antivirus Solutions

Information security is one of the fastest growing markets in the tech industry today. With the fears of malicious intrusion, ransomware and DDoS attacks ramping up, a review of your business’ security technology is in order.

Security today is so much more than your traditional boxed antivirus products.

Subscription Based Services: Saving Companies Time and Money

Hardware and software as-a- service has become a growing trend in Information Technology. Rather than purchasing and owning the solution set that runs your business many companies are choosing to transition their systems to hosted platforms. This new subscription based, pay-as-you-go model provides ease of management and predictable, scalable costs.

Microsoft’s Cloud Strategy Benefits Businesses

We spend a lot of time working with our clients on products and services designed, built and delivered by Microsoft. If you are in business it is almost a certainty that you are using some sort of Microsoft product, and most likely are interfacing with other organizations using a solution delivered by Microsoft software or through one of their cloud services.