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2015 Prognostications

Welcome to 2015! In this column last year I wrote that 2014 felt like it would be a year of change, where business and technology were concerned, that turned out to be true in so many ways.

Since I am on a roll, here are my prognostications for 2015.

This one is easy.

2014 Technology Lookback

Northern Nevada’s 2014 Business and Technology Highlights

For many northern Nevadan’s 2014 seemed like a turning point in so many ways. Let’s take a look back and see how the events and developments of 2014 have changed the landscape and outlook for our region.

The Cadillac EV Experience

Electric Vehicle Technology

My credentials as a computer guy include rebuilding computers so I suppose that my experience in rebuilding automobile engines could qualify me as a car guy, so here a car column with a technology bent.

Since moving to Carson City I have been looking at hybrids and electric vehicles (EV), to lower my commute costs, but I am convinced that the EV platform is the future of vehicle propulsion based upon the performance and simplicity of the drivetrain.

IT Management for the Non-IT Manager

In many of the small to mid-size businesses that we work with, management and owners are often tasked with overseeing several departments and operations. After all who else is going to make sure that facilities, vendors, processes and quality assurance are all taken care of, while sales, people and budgets are all on track?

Mere mortals would be intimidated by such a daunting list of responsibilities, but there is no time for that in a growing business.

Planning Small Business Startup

Small Business Startup
Starting a small business can be a daunting task. Licensing, government regulations and legal obstacles can drive an entrepreneur crazy. Once the maze of red tape for licensing, taxes and permits is complete and the first dollars start flowing in, most business owners quickly find that managing financial data, digital files and communications is the next challenge.

Happy Thanksgiving

Rather than my usual technical gift guide or Cyber Monday column, this Thanksgiving I want to focus on security threats that many computer users consider the most annoying and potentially damaging menaces coming in through email or imposter websites.

We have all received the emails containing fake propositions from bogus senders pretending to be your bank, store or online service.

Reinvention Driven by Technology

Last week I attended an IT conference for managed service providers where the theme was reinvention. I had not really thought of the concept of reinvention as a business strategy but what I learned changed my mind.

The focus of the conference was on the role that technology plays in enabling reinvention across multiple industries and within organizations.

7 Technology Myths

As I meet with friends, colleagues and potential clients there seems to be a common set of issues and concerns around business technology that could be elevated to myth status simply because they come up so often and are often so wrong.

Here are a few examples, but this is by no means a complete list of the questionable truths that I hear on a weekly basis.

Cloud service Considerations

The adoption of cloud IT services continues to increase as new services, lower costs and increased reliability make cloud computing a viable business solution. IT services delivered from remote datacenters have a significant dependency, which is access to high-speed, reliable and redundant internet connections.

The Technology Economy

The buzz about the business growth and diversification that is coming to northern Nevada just keeps getting louder. It seems like there is a new announcement or rumor of another large employer coming to the area every few days. Of course all of these new companies will require lots of resources like housing, transportation and energy, but the most critical need may be access to a large base of technically adept human resources.