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Technology Musings

I have been doing some traveling lately and that always gives me a chance to catch up on my reading. I normally spend a significant amount of time keeping up on the latest IT industry trends, but it always amazes me to learn about how much and how fast technology is impacting our lives.

Technology Tidbits

This week I attended a technology conference and thought it would be interesting to share some business and technical highlights. The conference focused on the tools and strategies for managing technology for small to mid-sized businesses.

Industry experts in areas such as security, business/IT management and technology trends shared insights that are important to businesses that have a critical reliance on IT. With the rapidly changing technology landscape, it is always amazing to attend interactive sessions and hear first-hand where the industry is going.

Connect To the Cloud

Over the last few weeks we have met with several businesses that are using cloud solutions for many of their IT services including email, file storage and applications. In each case they had a single internet provider and had experienced outages that prevented access to many of their services.

Hire or Outsource?

As we approach mid-year the economy, housing and the employment outlook continue to improve in northern Nevada. New companies are coming to the region, while Tesla and Switch are busy executing plans that will change the landscape of the region.

With unemployment dropping and access to HR talent a challenge, many organizations are making strategic decisions to outsource services.

Check Your Assumptions

I meet with a lot of business owners and managers that have used technology for many years and have formed assumptions that may not be exactly up to date, especially given the continual advancement of technology.

You might want to check your current IT expectations against these common misbeliefs:

1. The technology that my business uses is very customized and complex.

Small Business Week

If you own a small business this is your week to celebrate, reflect and hope – wait, don’t small business owners do that every day? In any case, this week, May 4-8, 2015, is National Small Business Week. Since 1963 the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has organized a week-long event to recognize and highlight the contributions that small businesses make across the nation.

Step Up Your Security

The hackers and thieves are relentless in their quest for access to your personal and financial data. Phishing attacks, viruses and malware are the tools of their trade and they will use them to get your passwords, access your personal identity information and hack your computers and social media systems.

Workforce and Technology

Business growth and diversification is happening in northern Nevada. The buzz just keeps getting louder thanks to the hard work of the local economic development authorities and the business friendly climate that the state of Nevada has maintained.

Announcements of new company relocations, startups and expansions are rising and predictions of 5% job growth for the next 5 years is unprecedented.

Office Growth and Expansion

With the economy improving and businesses growing, we are seeing more requests to assist customers in relocating their IT infrastructure as they expand to new facilities. This year we are also seeing more IT infrastructure work from new start-ups, and business mergers.

Mobile Web Presence

Have you updated your organization’s web presence recently? For a variety of reasons many businesses often put web updates, new hosting service solutions and search engine optimization on the back burner.

For some organizations a web presence may simply be a marketing tool with information that does not change much.