Staying Private in Public

Have you ever logged into your home computer and noticed the search history from your phone was also showing up in your home browser? More and more, online resources like Google and Microsoft are requiring you to have an account to provide a synchronous user experience across your devices.


As a native Northern Nevadan, and someone in their mid-30’s, this is one of the few times I have really felt Reno was on the cusp of change. Growing up it was always my perception the biggest little city was a gambling town. I can remember being in awe when the Silver Legacy opened in the mid-90s and thought it was only a matter of time until Reno would overtake Las Vegas as the predominant gaming town.

Assessing Security

Growing cybercrime threatens every business today. Juniper Research estimates that the total global cost of cybercrime will exceed $2 trillion by 2019, and the CEO of IBM describes cybercrime as “The greatest threat to every company in the world.”
Large enterprises protect and defend themselves with huge security teams, expensive technology and disciplined processes.

Cloud Backups

Businesses continue to turn to the cloud to reap the benefits of hosted solutions. While it is now common knowledge that your organization’s hardware and software no longer need to reside in the office, many are unaware that simply having your data in the cloud does not mean it is backed up.

March Madness Productivity

Most businesses have policies in place to keep their employees from getting to websites which threaten employee productivity like games, pornography and gambling sites. The standard list of website categories to black list is pretty obvious, but the biggest online time waster for employers is coming up on March 15th, and it’s not just one day of your staff’s time that will be chipped away at, it’s a two week block.

Windows Server 2008

Many growing organizations faced with outdated systems and software are looking for new capabilities to compete in an expanding market. While business owners are aware their systems need to be regularly updated or replaced, it often is not one of their main priorities.

Consumer Electronics Show 2018

CES, also known as the Consumer Electronics Show, kicked off its annual conference this week in Las Vegas to much anticipation and eagerly waiting droves of industry geeks and technology fans. For the uninitiated, CES is an annual assembly of over 4,000 manufacturers, start-ups and tech giants that descend on Las Vegas each year to show case the latest technologies that will be introduced to market.