The Exponential Growth of Technology

Bought a new PC in 2015? Throw it away. Bought a TV last year? Now it’s obsolete. This is the messaging we are hearing all the time. First it was 720p, then it was HD now its OLED and UHD. There were single core processors then dual-core and now the standard is six cores or more in processing power for your computer, but where does it end? When should you buy the new PC with the latest processor?

Trying to keep up on the latest industry trends in the tech world is akin to watching human evolution occur over the course of days instead of millennia, in that it is moving so fast you hardly notice the changes.

The Importance of IT Audits

We audit our bank accounts, our children’s homework, the people we work with and the companies who we interact with, but how often are you auditing the technology that is keeping your business operational? Making sure our businesses are running at peak efficiencies is what we go to work every day to do, but some of these things are being left unchecked and can leave you in a very vulnerable position.

It Takes More Than a Password

Have you ever logged into your home computer and noticed the search history from your phone was also showing up in your home internet browser? More and more, companies like Google and Microsoft are requiring you to have a user account for their browsers in an effort to link your browsing preferences across various devices and provide a synchronous user experience.

Security Vulnerabilities in the Workplace

In today’s advancing technology landscape things are changing so quickly that it is becoming impossible for the uninformed to stay ahead of it. The challenges that people are facing today are unlike any they have encountered in the past. Those who wish to cause harm within our businesses and personal lives are getting smarter and more effective.

Public vs Private Cloud

You have probably heard people say “The Cloud is just a computer somewhere else,” which is true. However, the cloud exists in several forms and deciding where your company’s data should reside requires an understanding of the differences.

Cloud Computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer.

Hurricane Disaster Recovery

As many citizens of our country sit in the wake of Hurricane Harvey cleaning up and putting their lives and business back together millions of others are glued to their televisions watching for the latest updates on the incoming Hurricane Irma, including myself.

Drones Set to Take Off

Drones have got a bad rap because operators illegally fly them in restricted areas or use them for unethical purposes like invasion of privacy. But the reality is that most drone pilots are focused on the art, business and scientific aspects of these amazing tools.

Reporting Tools

For nearly every conceivable metric there also exists an app to record and report the data. All businesses have measurable KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), which are used and relied upon to track the overall health of the company. Reporting and utilizing those KPI’s can become a challenge when offering a robust service effected by many differing variables.

The Benefits of Telecommuting

As business owners many of you are constantly thinking of ways to improve your operational maturity, get more out of your people and talent, reducing employee attrition or decreasing spending. What many don’t know is that the solution to your problems may be something that has been around for decades, telecommuting.

Building Future Leaders out of New Hires

Think back to the last time you started a new job. The entire process can be daunting and at times overwhelming. Tossing and turning in bed while mulling over the potential challenges that await. Arriving in the parking lot with that pit in your stomach and, often times, finding out your employment is a surprise to many of your new colleagues.