The Margin Tax

Free access to high quality public education is the key to retaining America’s leading position in the world and will be a critical component of the region’s efforts to diversify our economy. The State of Nevada should do everything it can to properly fund and support the highest quality education we can afford for our children.

Northern Nevada Growth

Northern Nevada is in a position to experience growth like we have not seen in quite some time. With the Tesla announcement, and new business developments in industries like datacenters, drones and aerospace, we can expect to see growth in all business sectors.

Triage For Your Business

I like the word triage because it quickly assigns order and process to a stressful and chaotic situation. It is typically used in the medical field during emergencies where multiple injuries stretch health care resources to the limit, but it can also be applied to business challenges where scarce resources like people, time and money are in short supply.

Cloud Update

The way we access data, files and applications is changing due to the rapid proliferation of cloud services. This is having a significant impact on the way consumers and businesses use computers and devices for entertainment, purchasing and to conduct business.

Technology Companies and Northern Nevada

Last week’s announcement of Tesla’s potential plan to build the Gigafactory in northern Nevada was both exciting and somewhat of a letdown if you had been paying attention to what was happening out at the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center. The letdown part was Elon Musk’s announcement that they are still looking at other sites to break ground and that no final decision would be made for a few months.

Barracuda Partners with Reno/Tahoe Area Golf Event

Congratulations and thank you to Barracuda Networks for partnering with the Reno Tahoe area as the title sponsor for the Barracuda Championship PGA golf event which start today. This is great news for the event, as Barracuda’s 4 year sponsorship agreement insures the future of this PGA Tour stop in Reno.

Protect Business and IT Assets

The rapidly expanding use of technology in every aspect of business is creating a growing security concern. To protect your business and digital assets it is important to have a multipronged approach that addresses physical access, technology security and user policies.

Office 365

Mobile computing, mobility, mobile devices and cloud services are all phrases that I throw around quite frequently. That is primarily because the move from personal computers to mobile devices is happening so quickly, and it is largely led by cloud and app developers satisfying the demands of a fast growing base of users.

Road Trip

The summer travel season is upon us and we are once again planning a road trip in the RV. Each year I visit the web and look for locations, travel tools and advice to help us create a memorable journey.

One challenge that we always have when we go road tripping is remembering all of the great restaurant and must-see attractions that are recommended to us.