Feedback from our satisfied clients

Reliable, dedicated service

Moving from internally provided IT support to external support was a large culture change for our business. IQ took the frontend time to educate our staff on the process and deployed the appropriate staffing to handle the switch. IQ also designed and managed Lumos’ transitioned from an antiquated and inefficient IT system to one that is state of the art, while providing us with day to day managed services.

Chief Operating Officer
Lumos and Associates

Low-cost, first-class service

Micromanipulator has been with IQ Technology Solutions for 3 years now.  We started working with them in a time of transition, when our servers and software were outdated and the cost of internal IT maintenance was skyrocketing. Read More

I was happy enough when IQ helped us get our costs under control, revamp our system, and establish a backup and monitoring support plan.  They managed to do this at a reasonable cost.  They even helped us establish our ERP program remotely at a database service who really knew how to maintain the database, freeing up a ton of internal “fiddle” time.  And they did it all at a reasonable cost.  I was impressed that they actively looked for ways to keep those costs down for us, speaking up when I was leaning towards overkill in capability.

Since that time the support and monitoring of our systems has been great.  IQ responds to user requests promptly and efficiently.  IQ monitors our systems unfailingly.  I usually get a call from them BEFORE  there is a problem here.  They handle the renewals of licenses and support agreements with software and hardware suppliers, update email accounts and install new computers for new employees.  They supplement their off-site support with regular visits to put eyes-on what is happening here and to solve the “physical” problems that arise.

They will even work with our other vendors as part of their support.  In addition to the database service I mentioned, they recently helped out with providing information and some guidance to a SEO contractor we hired for our website issues, which is really above and beyond.

I’ve been very happy with IQ Technology Solutions.  They have exceeded, and continue to exceed, the expectations I had when we signed up with them. There are not a lot of suppliers you can say that about.

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Micromanipulator Company

Long-term business partner

Resorts West manages four vacation ownership resorts totaling nearly 650 keys and has 118 users. Our network and vertical applications are very unique to our industry. We made the decision in 2008 to partner with a third party for all of our IT needs. Read More

As a company we believe strongly in long-term business relationships and focused our search on companies with a similar philosophy. The second key component of our search was for a company that was large enough to provide the knowledge, technology and team depth to meet our needs but still be small enough that we would have immediate contact with the ownership and senior management.

We were fortunate and pleased to find IQ Technology Solutions that met our criteria. After a thorough scoping and discovery period we entered into a business relationship with IQ. We truly feel that IQ is our partner in our IT needs and treat each other accordingly. We initially kept one senior IT person on staff as liaison between our company and IQ. Early on in our relationship with IQ we realized that the communication frequency and level made the liaison position unnecessary and we were able to transition that staff member into a more productive role with our company.

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Vice President Director of Operations
Resorts West

Nothing but professional

“From day one our experience with IQ has been nothing but professional. Their communication is superb, and they are always available when we need them. From implementing WiFi for our entire property to the basics of managing our e-mail database, their team always has a great handle on our projects and completes them quickly and at a high level.”

Managing Director
Whitney Peak Hotel

Outstanding service

The people at IQ are outstanding! They are knowledgeable, organized, professional, strategic and always ready to jump in and help. I would highly recommend IQ to any organization that wants to optimize their IT infrastructure, so they can purely focus on their specific revenue generating activities!

Operations Manager
Reno Dealership Group

Quick response times

Although our situation (with four geographically separate offices) presented challenges, we were consistently pleased with the professional abilities and quick response times demonstrated by IQ's team.

CPA, MST, Treasurer
Kafoury Armstrong and Associates