Tech Gifts for 2017

Here we are again with another year passed and another holiday season coming up and leaving you scratching your head about what to buy that family member who embraces technology. It’s not always easy when your passions differ from those raised in the digital age, so we are here to provide some guidance on some interesting ideas for the tech lover in your life.

The Verizon Hum - We always worry about our children and whether they are going to be safe on the road. Maybe your new driver isn’t that car savvy and could use some help remembering when to change the oil or what the check engine light on the car means. At $29.99 and $10 a month for the service this could be an invaluable asset to the son or daughter heading off to college.

The Echo Show – The new and improved Amazon Echo now comes with a digital display. It continues to have the same excellent sound and voice functions but can also display anything from weather and photos to videos.

ThermoWorks Thermapen – Does the cook in your house love to grill but can’t always hit the desired temps, leaving that expensive ribeye a little over done? The thermapen can take an extremely accurate temperature in 2 seconds. If you have a meat thermometer that you are using today you know how long it can take to get the temp while your grill is losing heat. For $79 you can make sure your grill master gets it right every time.

The Gnarbox Portable Backup and Editing System – This is my personal favorite as I have a number of photographers who would really appreciate an editing system with mobility. With the Gnarbox you can quickly backup your camera in the field, organize your photos without lifting a finger and edit it all from anywhere. At $300 it’s not the most wallet friendly gift, but it is perfect for the adventurer that likes to get away.

Roku 4 Media Player and Remote – We all know about the Roku and its capability as a streaming device. They have now introduced it with a remote bundled in. The remote has an audio jack with ear phones so you can stream your favorite shows while listening through the ear buds and not disturb the wife. At $98 you can listen to Sports Center in peace.

LifeStraw – From a digital perspective this gift doesn’t really make the list, but it is still tech and in my opinion the one on this list I would most want. Being an adventurer myself I often find my self being burdened with carrying water and a bulky filter or the awful tasting iodine tabs to fill my bladder back up. The life straw is small, easily portable and can purify 1000 liters of water so well that it exceeds EPA standards. It might be the cheapest item on this list, but this one just might save your life if you find yourself in a bad back country situation.

Happy shopping!