Why You Need Us as Your Eyes and Ears

Clients often ask us how to protect their business against cyber threats. The simple answer is this:

Stop trying to do it yourself.

We’ve talked before about the fact that technology and security are not DIY projects if you want to protect your business (and your data). DIY-friendly products cut corners on security and content-filtering which you need to keep your business safe from the rapidly-changing threats out there.

The best means for protecting your data is turning it over to experts who can get you the most security bang for your buck. Otherwise, you’re stuck with the burden of managing your own security, keeping up to date on the latest trends in the cybercrime world, and knowing the nitty-gritty details of IT. Short of being an IT manager, that probably isn’t the best use of your time.

Not all managed IT services are the same. IQ Technology Solutions is the only managed IT provider in Nevada to be named among the Top 250 managed IT providers in the world because of our industry-leading expertise and innovation.

Don’t trust your security to yourself or just any IT provider. Here’s why you need IQ Technology Services as your eyes and ears:

We’ve got the tools. As an information technology provider, we spend a lot of time and money on tools, processes and monitoring to avert cyber-attacks and protect our clients’ systems from a wide range of threats.

A new way to antivirus that uses behavior-based analytics and machine learning instead of traditional definition-fetching methods to identify threats. Cylance can even recognize previously unidentified malicious files and stop them before they can harm your systems.

Layers of protection. For clients with critical needs we typically implement a stack of threat detection, prevention, monitoring, management and scanning that most organizations won’t have access to without employing a system security provider.
Backup best practices. We securely store your data offsite and in the cloud so no matter what happens, your data is protected and easily recovered.

We roll you over. If data is compromised, you need a virtual environment to work from while we work to recover your data, so you have minimal downtime.
Invaluable strategic insights. Identifying that you need a BYOD plan or disaster recovery plan to common events from wiping your data out.

We do the boring stuff. It may sound humdrum, but updating and patching software is essential to security that DIY-ers often overlook. Criminals are not overlooking this. In fact, businesses that didn’t automatically get Microsoft patches were caught up in the recent WannaCry attack.

We can train you. It’s impossible to stop all threats from getting in, and your users are the first line of defense. Your employees need to know how to handle threats.

We keep the cobwebs out. This might surprise you, but your antivirus software from 2002 isn’t keeping you safe. And if your firewall is a year old, it might need to be reconfigured to keep up with best practices.

You know you get what you pay for. Nowhere does that count more for your business than in the technology that you use to carry out your everyday operations, store important data and keep your customers happy. Spending a couple hundred dollars extra today can save you from big problems down the road. Why take that chance?

Get the best protection in Reno. Contact IQ Technology Services at 775-352-2301 or online today for an assessment.