Time to Upgrade

Is now the time to finally get that new computer? This question is often followed up by comments about transferring data, learning a new interface and concerns about software and hardware compatibility.

My belief is that if you are using a computer as a tool to run your daily life, business or for entertainment, you should probably upgrade every 5 to 7 years at a minimum. Let’s consider some of the reasons for that.

Whether you are an Apple or a Microsoft Windows fan, technology is moving fast and new features are being added to the operating systems and hardware every year or two. Certainly, there is a learning curve if you want to take advantage of these new features, but the mental commitment to do that can result in learning new ways to communicate, entertain and share information, as well as help to keep your brain sharp.

The touch screen capability found in Apple’s iPad tablets (but not their iMacs), as well touch enabled tablets and PC’s running Microsoft Windows 10, will provide users with new creative tools and new ways of interacting with software. Untethered from the keyboard and mouse, users can easily move from task to task and from area to area while still having full functionality within the device. The latest version of Windows 10 Creator and the upcoming version of Apple’s iOS 11 unleash even more creative potential from these devices.

It’s all about the apps. No matter which platform you are on, apps are the key to providing you with new capabilities. I recently downloaded an app, Coaches Eye, on my tablet to help me with my golf swing, and an app, Everlance, to track mileage for tax purposes on my phone. Modern apps running on modern devices are integrated across platforms and in the cloud so that you can share data between devices and friends.

Business users that are upgrading to the latest PC’s should also explore the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, the power of Microsoft’s cloud apps and services will give you advanced office capabilities on the latest devices.

Security is a big concern to everyone and the latest devices and operating systems have new technology that secures user logins and protects data with new capabilities built into the hardware and operating system.

These technologies will all impact the way we work and play in the future so now is the time to start exploring how you might use them in your world, even if you’re not a technology addict.

Transferring data, applications and user settings is much easier than it used to be. If you are moving from a recent version of the same OS and are using cloud backup services, most upgrades are easily performed with automatic transfer of information to your new device.