Announcing the 2017 IT Makeover Recipients!

IQ Technology Solutions and Microsoft are proud to announce that $20,000 in funding has been awarded as part of the ninth annual Nonprofit IT Makeover Campaign. This year, 24 nonprofit agencies submitted applications that detailed their technology needs and their charitable missions.

The Nonprofit IT Makeover Campaign was designed to provide funding that would allow organizations to upgrade and enhance their information technology solutions. Over the last nine years, over $180,000 has been awarded to local nonprofits to increase the effectiveness of their community service work by deploying business quality IT systems and services.

Our selection committee reviewed all of the applications that were submitted by nonprofits from around the region to find those that had a clear concept of how IT could be used to improve their community service work and provide more opportunities for children and families.

The 5 organizations that have been selected to receive the IT makeover funding are Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Task Force, Each One Tell One, Junior Achievement of Northern Nevada and The Justin HOPE Foundation.. The selected organizations all need new IT equipment, but the real impact that we hope to make is in the way that they leverage technology to help them better fulfill their missions. Projects for the chosen organizations will include new computers, AV Equipment, advanced IT solutions and Microsoft Office 365 implementations.

As with each IT Makeover the selection committee focused on organizations that have a unique impact on life in Northern Nevada. One that stood out was Each One Tell One whose mission is to spread the message of the importance of knowing your breast density and providing education regarding options for screening. The technology we are providing will allow the members of Each One Tell One to communicate their message more effectively and reach a wider audience.

The committee was also impressed with Junior Achievement of Northern Nevada’s mission which is to empower young people in the state by developing their desire to value education and increasing their knowledge of business and economics. JANN is serving all 13 counties in northern Nevada with training that reaches students in elementary through high school. Their IT makeover will allow them to impact an additional 15% of rural Nevada students by the end of next school year which is triple the current reach of the program in rural areas.

We would like to recognize the selection committee for their work in identifying the recipient organizations. Our thanks go out to the Microsoft team including David Taylor, Josiah Clark, Brian Hanshew, Travis Wood, Ben Gross and Owen Roberts, and the IQ Technology Solutions team of Justin Geil-Crader, Erin Tavares, Bobby Wittenberg and Jere England.

We would also like to thank all of the organizations that applied for this campaign. We recognize that the work you are doing is changing lives and helping to make our region a better place to live and work.