5 Ways to Protect Your Business from Ransomware


Ransomware, viruses and other dangers lurk in the cyber world waiting for you to let their guard down so they can hold you hostage. The recent WannaCry ransomware presented a global threat that shut down public and private institutions and left many more worried about their data. While that particular attack was thwarted, many more variants of ransomware have taken its place, exploiting the same vulnerability that it did.

Small and medium businesses are prime targets for security attacks as cyber criminals know that smaller organizations often have less security in place to protect data and fewer resources to recover data.

5 ways to protect your business from ransomware:

1. Strong backup and disaster recovery plan

Make sure your backup system is up-to-date, secure and running. Some strains of ransomware can specifically target backup files.

If you are attacked, tools like an image server backup allow you to recover information faster than you can from dated backup methods, like tapes. The less time it takes to recover, the faster your business gets back to being productive.

2. Proactive antivirus system

From blocking spam emails to preventing other unwanted invasions, a strong antivirus is essential in your data security tool box.

The antivirus that comes with your operating system typically is not enough protection. Especially for ransomware. These apps don’t use real-time detection or scanning. The best antivirus detects and learns from malicious activity, giving you the most real-time protection possible.

3. Use supported software

When your software is no longer supported by its manufacturer, software patches stop, leaving any vulnerabilities unrepaired, exposing you to more attacks. Hackers are constantly looking for opportunities to infect or take data hostage.

Without the safety net provided by software manufacturers, your old programs are prime targets for hackers. Plus, the effectiveness and efficiency of the unsupported software is probably negatively impacting overall productivity.

4. User education

End users are frequently exposed to phishing and malware attacks. As primary targets and possible enablers of cyber-attacks, your employees should be your first line of defense in a multi-layered approach to technology security.

Regular security training teaches users to resist opening suspicious emails and files and helps you implement best practices, like saving critical data on shared drives instead of PCs. Not only does this protect you from ransomware, it also protects you from data loss when PCs crash or laptops get stolen. It happens.

5. Manage security patches

Hundreds of security patches are released every month to help protect companies from cyber attacks. If security patches had been managed and updated during the latest ransomware attacks, many computers would’ve been safe.

Knowing which patches to install and which to ignore is the hard part which can easily be taken care of with a trusted managed services provider such as IQ Technologies.

Whether it’s WannaCry or something else, ransomware will be a constant threat to your business if you don’t shore up your security and take the right precautions. Don’t leave your security to chance. Make sure that your company uses these 5 steps to keep ransomware from capturing your data.

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