Business Transitions

Running a business is really hard, but there are some aspects of business success that trip up even the most adept entrepreneurs. The best business owners and managers consistently execute on sales, operations and finance but often fail to consider important things like goals, business transition and exit planning.

Modern Antivirus Solutions

Information security is one of the fastest growing markets in the tech industry today. With the fears of malicious intrusion, ransomware and DDoS attacks ramping up, a review of your business’ security technology is in order.

Security today is so much more than your traditional boxed antivirus products.

Microsoft’s Cloud Strategy Benefits Businesses

We spend a lot of time working with our clients on products and services designed, built and delivered by Microsoft. If you are in business it is almost a certainty that you are using some sort of Microsoft product, and most likely are interfacing with other organizations using a solution delivered by Microsoft software or through one of their cloud services.

HIPAA & Technology

Everyone has been to the doctor at some point, but is your patient information safe? Today we will look at some of the technological safeguards that are required to protect your personal information as well as the potential fines your health care provider might face if they were to expose your data.

Hosted Voice

The transition from premise-based to hosted solutions has become all the rage in Information Technology, and for good reason. The ability to receive the same or better services while also eliminating costly hardware maintenance is an easy sell. While your business may have already transitioned Email and Applications to the cloud, it may also be time to explore an alternative phone service.

Software Audits

Tax season, at least for me, brings feelings of dread and jubilation. As we grow older, our taxes tend to become more complex and time consuming. Whether handling our taxes alone or leaving the process in the hands of professionals the risk of an audit always looms in the background.

Technology and the New Administration

Today when I think of technology and politics it makes me a bit uneasy. No matter which way you lean politically, it can’t be argued that technology has played a critical role in determining the outcome in the current election cycle.

I will leave the analysis of how social media, fake news and foreign governments may have influenced the results of this election to the experts.

2017 IT Makeover Launch

Announcing the 9th Annual $20,000 Non-profit IT Makeover Campaign.

Once again we are proud to announce our annual charitable project, the non-profit IT Makeover Campaign, sponsored locally by IQ Technology Solution and Microsoft’s Reno operations. We are teaming up with Microsoft to provide local non-profit organizations with a shared pool of $20,000 in IT Makeover Campaign funds.