The Benefits of Telecommuting

As business owners many of you are constantly thinking of ways to improve your operational maturity, get more out of your people and talent, reducing employee attrition or decreasing spending. What many don’t know is that the solution to your problems may be something that has been around for decades, telecommuting.

Building Future Leaders out of New Hires

Think back to the last time you started a new job. The entire process can be daunting and at times overwhelming. Tossing and turning in bed while mulling over the potential challenges that await. Arriving in the parking lot with that pit in your stomach and, often times, finding out your employment is a surprise to many of your new colleagues.

IQ Technology Solutions Receives MSP Mentor 501 Award

IQ Technology Solutions, Nevada’s premiere statewide IT Managed services firm, has been named among the Top 500 MSPs worldwide by MSP Mentor, the leading global authority on managed service providers. The award, one of the most coveted in the managed IT services industry, is indicative of IQ Technology Solutions’ dedication to providing outstanding managed technology services to their clients.

Why You Need Us as Your Eyes and Ears

Clients often ask us how to protect their business against cyber threats. The simple answer is this:

Stop trying to do it yourself.

We’ve talked before about the fact that technology and security are not DIY projects if you want to protect your business (and your data). DIY-friendly products cut corners on security and content-filtering which you need to keep your business safe from the rapidly-changing threats out there.

Converged Technologies

As the world’s reliance on technology increases so-to does the demand for people and processes to maintain the systems responsible for operating our businesses. In the past, companies relied on a swath of vendors to provide differing software and hardware solutions for various segments of their businesses.

Time to Upgrade

Is now the time to finally get that new computer? This question is often followed up by comments about transferring data, learning a new interface and concerns about software and hardware compatibility.

My belief is that if you are using a computer as a tool to run your daily life, business or for entertainment, you should probably upgrade every 5 to 7 years at a minimum.

Robot Bosses

Automation is changing the way we work, play and interact with each other. When we discuss automation it is typically in the vein of having your job replaced by robots or some other automated process in which software or machinery is enabled to perform a task in a cheaper, quicker and more efficient manner.

You Get What You Pay For

I recently learned the hard way there are certain items and services you should never scrimp on. In an effort to squeeze the most enjoyment out of summer I decided to purchase a low-end hardtail mountain bike. The term “hardtail” means there is no rear suspension, which is fine for most mountain biking endeavors aside from treacherous downhill excursions.

New Threats Every Day – Tips for Protecting Your Business

Every day we are hearing about the cyber-attacks that led to a Russian influence campaign against our Presidential election, this is an ongoing reminder of how devastating these digital intrusions can be. At the same time, many businesses continue to be inundated with phishing attacks, viruses and digital theft, and just this week we have learned about another global ransomware attack.